WoodUBend Posh Chalk Metallic Precious Paste – Gold


Posh Chalk Metallic Precious Paste – Gold

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All WoodUbend products are heat-bendable decorative wood moldings. When you heat WoodUbend moldings with a heat gun or hair dryer they become bendy and can be adhered to just about any surface!

WoodUbend moldings have all the properties of wood and can be Drilled…Sanded…Glued…Painted…Stained…Varnished…Waxed or Distressed!


Posh Chalk Metallic Precious Paste – Gold

The Posh Chalk Precious Collection is our high-end range of coatings. Each has been developed using months of research and trials to produce a range of ultra-high quality products. So, if you are working on that extra-special project, or are a furniture up cycler looking to maximise impact and saleable value, then take a look at our Precious Collection.

The Precious range of Metallic Pastes has extremely high pigmentation so that each colour has incredible depth. Since these are metallic pastes, they all shimmer with intensity. They are perfect for using on a project that requires a high-quality metal-style finish. There are four colours available – you can find them all here https://woodubend.com/product-category/posh-chalk/precious/.

Each of these pastes is water-based. They can be used straight out of the pot, or watered-down into a wash. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and are self-sealing.

Like the other metallic pastes in our range, when treated with a heat source, they will ‘inflate’ to give an amazing three-dimensional raised effect. Take a look at this technique here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oub-UjXHPyc

Each Precious Metallic Paste comes in a 110ml jar and are ready to use.

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